We are currently offering HIPAA-compliant Telemedicine visits for both new and follow up patients. Please call at (267) 297-2289 or email us at admin@bbpsychiatry.com to schedule your free consultation.

Welcome To Blue Bell Psychiatry

We provide confidential, highly professional services in a safe and comfortable environment. Finding the right fit with your mental health provider is extremely important. To ensure the best possible match, we provide a free twenty-minute phone consultation; you can ask questions, learn about our approach, and discover how we can best work together.

Why do people seek our help?

  • To get psychiatric evaluation or a second opinion for diagnostic clarification
  • To get medication management or therapy
  • To improve emotional well-being and live a healthier life
  • To change negative behaviors
  • To gain insight into how past experiences affect present relationships
  • To overcome struggles at work or school
Psychiatrist in Blue Bell, PA - About Us

About Us

Blue Bell Psychiatry is proud to serve Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of psychiatric services.

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Psychiatrist in Blue Bell, PA - Services


At Blue Bell Psychiatry, we seek to heal minds for a better future. We proudly offer a variety of professional services to help our clients lead better lives.

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Psychiatrist in Blue Bell, PA - New Patients

New Patients

We welcome all new clients to our office. We invite you to contact us for free twenty-minute consultation to tell your story and see how we might best work together.

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